World Championship Stage – Surfing Competitions 2018 on Keramas Beach

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1 World Championship Stage – 2018 surfing competition on Keramas beach
1.1 What is a WSL championship and how is it different from others
1.2 How are the competitions?

Surfing Competitions

Prize pool:

In the men’s stage – 607 800 dollars
In the women’s see – $ 303,900

Surfing competitions on Keramas beach are considered one of the most prestigious among professional surfers. The last time the championship final was Keramas Beach in 2014. In between, there were qualifying stages.
Surfing on Keramas BeachSurfing at Bali surfing Competitions 2018
What is the WSL championship and how is it different from others

In the world of surfing, there are two of the most prestigious championships – ISA and WSL. The first is conducted by the International Surfing Association (International Surfing Association), founded in 1964 (regular competitions have been held since 1976). It is she recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the main body of management of this sport. Participants compete with teams representing their countries. The championship takes place in one stage, at which the winners are determined.

Bali Surfing Competitions

The World Surfing League was founded in 1976 by two athletes from Hawaii – Fred Hemmings and Randy Rerik. It was initially called the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP). But in 2014, it was renamed World Surf League.

League unites professional surfers. The championship takes place in several stages. It starts right after the New Year and ends in January. At each step, athletes gain a certain number of points, then they are summed up, and according to the results, a champion title and rating are assigned.

The founders conceived such a structure of the championship to turn the life of professional surfers into an exciting tour. They float on different types of waves. The stages are held in Australia, USA, South Africa, Fiji, Tahiti, Portugal, and France. This year even included artificial wave competitions. They will be held in Hawaii, in a private rancher surfer Kelly Slater.

Bali Surfing
How are the competitions?

At the beginning of any surfing, competition participants are divided into groups of 3-5 people. They simultaneously go to the ocean. The task is to catch at least two waves. Evaluate the skill of 5 judges. They expose athletes balls.

The following skills are taken into account:

Wave quality
Surfer’s ability to choose the right wave
Maneuvers (basic and new)
Combinations and variety of manners
Sliding speed
Power and grace

Bali Surfing

The maximum score for passing a single wave is 10 points, for two waves a participant can get a score of 20 points. When sliding into a group, it is essential not to cross the path to each other. The priority remains for the athlete who first came to the wave.

After the winners in the first group are determined, pairs of 2 surfers are created. Together they go to the ocean, the best passes to the next round of competitions.

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