Used dumbbells

Used dumbbells: is their purchase justified?

Quality sports, sooner or later, the need/comfort of using specialized equipment. One of the most involved shells is dumbbells. The correct choice of this device will improve athletic performance and make the figure even more beautiful. However, the price of new dumbbells is very high, especially when it comes to quality products. This should not stop you in pursuit of ideas, because now you can cheaply buy first samples of use.
Is it worth the risk?

Whether to buy used dumbbells

Buying used goods always carry a specific risk. But if we talk about dumbbells, it is reduced to almost zero and most often associated with the human factor. Judge for yourself:

Even if the dumbbells were already in use, they hardly lost their functionality – their weight as it was 5, 10 or 20 kg, remained so. Exception – the seller put up a collapsible model for sale, and the pancakes were lost from it. One can only hope for the good faith of the person and use the cash on delivery service.
The appearance of the inventory (mainly if you are focused solely on the result) plays little role. Scratches, scuffs or even chips do not affect the quality of the workout.

Price – the trump card. If you are limited in budget and want to buy a quality product cheaply, do not rush to buy new dumbbells in the sports equipment store. For the same price, you will be offered cast projectiles, which are useful for a short time (do you remember that you should always increase the load?). Stacked dumbbells are not affordable for everyone, and on second-hand websites, you can find delicious samples at an attractive price.

These three advantages should convince you that buying used dumbbells can be profitable. But that’s where to find a trusted seller? Some online stores put up for sale already used goods, which will undoubtedly report. Many ads can be found on specialized sites, for example, Amazon, where individuals and legal entities place ads. However, in this case, it is necessary to show maximum vigilance in order not to fall for the scam.

How to choose a used dumbbell

Which projectile to pay attention to – the choice must be made based on your goals. Now it is worth noting that collapsible dumbbells are more versatile than cast ones. Another important question when buying a used inventory: how to get the desired product with minimal risk?

Note the five rules about used dumbbells:

Decide on the product and configure the filter in the search. The best way to “feel” the dumbbells is to go to the sporting goods store and examine it, try it in action. Then try to find a similar model on the site.
When you find a product in the virtual point of sale, compare its appearance (preferably, the photo was real), a complete set, carefully read the description. A good seller always gives the shell a detailed description, because he wants to interest a potential buyer. Compare the cost of new and used goods. If it is not very different, it makes sense to look for another offer or buy new dumbbells.
Call the seller and ask why he sells inventory at such a low price (if you are on such an offer). On the phone, you can tell if a person is lying to you or not. If any doubts creep in, do not mess with this seller. The second important point: ask the person to describe the dumbbells. If he used the projectile, he would give him a detailed description.
You need to get fresh photos or even a video of the goods. Do not hesitate to ask the seller such evidence of the presence of high-quality dumbbells.

Decided to make a deal? Pay for goods on delivery.


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