Table tennis shoes

table tennis shoes

How to chose table tennis shoese

To choose the right tennis sneaker, the following factors should be considered: Court coverage; The structure of its foot; Season; Manufacturer. You need to determine which tennis shoes you need, depending on the type of foot: SUPINATED – your foot mainly steps on the outside of the boot; PRONATED – your foot comes mostly on the inside of the shoe, and this type of foot suffers most from injuries; IDEAL – in the middle.

But how to find out what kind of foot you have? Very simple. Wet your foot and step on a piece of paper. If the footprint is imprinted more from the outside, then the foot type is SUPINATED. If the print remains larger on the inside and looks like a rectangle with a small curve, then the feet are OVERPRONATED. If the trace remains the same from all sides, then this type is IDEAL.

Features tennis sneakers. The middle of the tennis sneaker has a specially designed soft piece to protect the foot and lower leg from tremors, which are usually associated with sharp movements on the tennis court. Such an insert is located between the heel and the foot. Make it from differences in density materials.

The outer side of the shoe is made either from leather or from high-quality synthetic materials. To reduce weight, it is often decorated with various inserts. It is best to choose sneakers for tennis from leather or other natural fabrics, as they are better for aesthetic and operational characteristics. The insole serves to soften the blows of the foot on the surface of a tennis court. It consists of many different materials, usually PU or EVA gels. The insole is located under your foot, and its thickness can vary from toe to heel.

The back is given a particular shape with an unusual way that is bent so that the heel does not fall when making sharp movements and is not injured when it hits the surface of a tennis court. The toe of the shoe should be made from lightweight and breathable materials and have special finger protection.
Do not forget to choose the size of sneakers for tennis. Your fingers should not be bent in sneakers, so the ideal length of the sneaker should be 1-1.5 cm longer than the length of your foot. Well, and, of course, it is essential to consider the most important criterion when choosing sneakers for tennis – you should be comfortable with them!  The bottom of sneakers for tennis is made from a particular rubber compound. It has unique properties for flexibility as well as durability. By its color, you can determine the density of rubber and texture. The narrower part of the sole located in the middle of the shoe is designed to stabilize the foot, most often it is made of urethane rubber. It is made to reduce weight and achieve torsional rigidity. The type of tennis sneaker should be selected according to the kind of court covering. Therefore, the leading role in the selection of sneakers for tennis is court coverage.

Sneakers for tennis, depending on the coating are divided into Hard – sole with a shallow herringbone tread; Soil – single on 70-100% consists of a deep tread in the form of small “herringbone”; Grass – the individual consists of a large number of small thorns; Carpet – the sole is absolutely smooth. Now you know how to choose tennis sneakers by type of ground. Popular manufacturers and models of sneakers for tennis

. There are a large number of manufacturers of high-quality tennis sneakers on the market for sports shoes. However, there are peculiar leaders – the brands Babolat, Wilson, Asics, Nike, and Adidas. These brands are distinguished by professionals in the world of tennis, as well as amateurs and beginners. Consider the most popular models of sneakers for tennis in the above brands. Find out more in the article.

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