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Introductory information about snorling

Lovers of active rest will be useful to learn what snorkeling is and how to do it properly. This type of underwater swimming requires equipment that is affordable and does not cost too much money. It would not be out of place to know the best places for this entertainment.
What is it – snorkeling?

This term refers to the swimming under the surface of the water, which allows you to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world without a deep dive. There is another name that differs by one letter – snorkeling. Scuba diving snorkeling requires the use of a mask and snorkel. Even for more comfortable swimming, you can wear flippers, and in cold water – wetsuit.

Snorkeling is an affordable form of swimming, but at the same time a person must still have specific skills:

It is essential to stick to the water well. Otherwise, there will be a severe risk that a person will drown.
Experts indicate that a novice should calmly float for 15 minutes.
At least basic swimming skills on the back and abdomen will be helpful.
Also, in advance, it is necessary to learn how to use the tube so that in the event of a dive, do not choke. Well, if a person can hold the air for more than a minute.

For people who are just getting acquainted with what is snorkeling, and preparing for the first dive, the following tips will be helpful:

Seawater keeps the body better, so beginners are encouraged to train in the sea, not the pool immediately. It is better to perform the first dives under the supervision of a specialist or an experienced swimmer.
Snorkeling should be in calm weather when there are no waves, and the water is warm.
Before diving, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the underwater terrain of the area and learn about the possible danger.
Consider that in the water there is a distortion of visibility somewhere by 20%, so all objects seem closer than they are.
Since swimming will have to be on the surface of the water in order not to burn, it is recommended to use sunscreen.
Do not leave the mask and tube under the hot direct rays of the sun. Otherwise, they may deteriorate.
After the dive has been completed, it is recommended to rinse it thoroughly in fresh water to preserve its equipment.

Where you can snorkel?

You can swim with a snorkel and mask in any body of water, but not everyone can see beautiful fish and other inhabitants of the underwater world. To understand where a good snorkel is, you need to focus not only on beauty but also on conditions, so for a safe and comfortable dive, it is better to choose quiet places, without tides / strong currents. The optimum water temperature is 28-30 ° C, and at lower rates wetsuit is recommended.

Top spots for snorkeling

Fans of swimming with a snorkel and flippers have their favorite places where you can get great pleasure from the process. Many believe that the best snorkeling in the world on the Red Sea, for example, in the Egyptian resorts, because flora and fauna there are very rich. The resorts of Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic are also popular, for experienced snorkelers fit the Maldives and the Mediterranean.
Snorkeling equipment
To begin to master this type of swimming, it is imperative to purchase a mask and snorkel. There is other equipment that is optional and bought at will. All this can be found in sports shops or ordered online. A snorkeling kit may include glasses instead of a mask, but this option is for professionals.

Snorkeling Suit

For beginners who are not very good at water, it is recommended to buy a wetsuit, which is made of a material that holds a person on the surface of the water. You can replace it with a life jacket, but then you will have to forget about diving. Such clothing for snorkeling is necessary if a body of water is chosen for swimming, where the water is cold. For this, it is better to use a long wetsuit made of neoprene. There are models of lycra, but they are well protected from the hot sun and make it easier to stay in warm water.

Snorkel mask

The most important subject for immersion is a mask since it provides an opportunity for a long time to observe what is happening under water. There are a few tips on how to choose the right mask for snorkeling:

It should fit the size; otherwise, leakage cannot be avoided. Before you buy, put it to your face and take a steady breath through your nose, and then lower your arms. A suitable mask should not fall. Experts recommend buying models without valves, which minimizes the risk of leakage.
The mask for snorkeling can have one or two glasses. Here you can make your choice to your taste. Useful is sub-mask space that will provide a good viewing angle.
When choosing it is recommended to pay attention to the marking of glasses. The safe options are “T” and “S.”
Another point – the silicone on the mask can be transparent, black or colored. Note that the first option, although it gives the maximum overview, it is very bright.

Snorkel tube

You can not ignore the tube, which is necessary for the swimmer to be under water for a long time. In most cases, its length does not exceed 30-40 cm. It can be located either on the right or the left side, and the main thing is to fit the face, not the ear. Consider these tube selection guidelines:

The bottom valve is useful because it simplifies the tube cleaning process.
Pay attention to the diameter, so the bigger it is, the easier it will be to breathe, but the cleaning process becomes more complicated. You should not choose options with a diameter greater than 2.5 cm.
The mouthpiece should be placed freely in the mouth so that it does not need to be eaten. Besides, it should not be harsh.

Snorkeling Fins

This item is not included in the list of necessary equipment for swimming, but at the same time, it can significantly facilitate the process of being underwater. With the help of flippers, the swimmer maneuvers better and reduces the time for diving and lifting. At the same time, in places where there is a lot of algae and mud, they can become a serious obstacle to normal movement. Beginners in the set for snorkeling flippers cannot be included. There are a few tips for choosing:

It is recommended to pay attention to how the fins sit on the foot because ease of use depends on it. To measure them should be barefoot.
Good fins will not be substantial, very long and tough. If you buy flippers with boots, then pay attention to the mount, which should not be weak.
The most popular among beginners are plastic and rubber flippers. It should be borne in mind that they put on already in the water.

How to choose a mask for snorkeling?

To date, a sufficiently large number of different types and models of masks are produced: with a mono lens and separate lenses for each eye, from silicone of various types and colors, with a valve for blowing water and without. In many models, ordinary lenses can be replaced by diopters, which is very good for myopia. To make the right choice, apply a mask to your face and inhale through your nose.

Make sure that hair does not fall under the soft rims of the cover. The cover should be held on the face during inhalation even without using a strap. Make sure the mask is comfortable and does not press down on the nose. Then put on the belt and adjust it. A common mistake is a healthy tension of the strap to the painful feeling, do not overdo it! The pressure under the water keeps everything a mask.

For example, we chose for ourselves, but over time, we still need another cover, since Silicone tends to “age” over time, harsh and lose elasticity. Council Glasses in a mask must be hardened – usually, it is marked with beech T (from the word Tempered – hardened).

After buying a new mask, it is desirable to process the lenses with a special silicone film remover, which is applied at the factory and may subsequently cause the windows to mist over. On sale, there are funds from fogging of glasses, but old snorkeling fans use the simplified method, which is valid. It is enough to apply saliva on the inner side of the lenses, and how to rub it over the surface, then rinse the mask with sea water – and do not need to spend extra money! Yes

How to choose and use a snorkel tube?

The tube can be fastened both on the left and the right. To do this, turn the bottom of the tube until the mouthpiece takes the correct position. You can also lift or lower the machine at the attachment point to the mask.

The presence of the lower valve dramatically simplifies the task of cleaning the tube from the water. Most modern machines are made with a pipe. Pick the optimal tube diameter for you. Remember that a tube with a large diameter makes breathing more natural, but it takes a lot of effort to blow through to clear it of water.

How to choose Snorkeling Fins

In its purest form, lightweight flippers from a combination of rubber and plastic can be used. However, they are usually worn on their bare feet, and barefoot to go into the water on the bottom of the reef covered with stones and fragments of coral is at least very unpleasant, if not dangerous. And then you have to move back to the desired depth wearing flippers still on the shore or go in reef slippers, and then somehow get rid of them and put on fins.

A more versatile option is to buy diving bots (to better protect the foot) and, accordingly, flippers for such bots with an open, backside heel and an adjustable strap. Bots can be worn on the shore and calmly enter them into the water to a sufficient depth and only then put on flippers, tighten the belts and everything is comfortable and safe.

Wetsuits and vests for snorkeling

Depending on the temperature of the water, you may need a snorkeling suit or a lycra suit that protects from the sun. The wetsuit is made of neoprene, and it does not sink. This means that in a diving suit you will increase your buoyancy. Wetsuits come in different models. Some cover the entire body, and some have short sleeves and leg trousers for swimming in warmer climates. Inflatable vests for snorkeling support the body on the surface of the water. If necessary, the jacket can be easily inflated and blown off.

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