Humans are awesome

humans are awesome. extreme

Six awesome people:

These strange people can roll up into knots and move the heart across the chest, and there are glass and metal, pierce the body through with sharp needles and draw tear channels. In general, their incredible abilities fascinate and even frighten a little.

“Rubber man” Daniel Smith

The American Daniel Smith is the most flexible man in the world and the five-time Guinness record holder. The guy, who is called a rubber man, easily crawls through a hole in a tennis racket or toilet seat, knows how to roll up into knots and move the heart across the rib cage.

Experts believe that the incredible flexibility was given to Daniel from birth, but he managed to develop it to the maximum limit possible for the human body. Smith participates in various talent shows, performs at basketball and baseball games and participates in numerous TV shows.

“Monsieur Eat It All” Michael Lotito

Frenchman Michael Lotito can easily eat glass and iron, washing down fragments and pieces of metal with water. He discovered amazing abilities in himself at the age of nine, when he scared the amazed parents to death by eating TV. At sixteen, Michael began to entertain people for money, eating metal, glass, and rubber to the public. The most exciting thing in the body Lotito never manifested any side effects, even when eaten contained toxic substances.

As a result, Michael Lotito decided to set a record and got into the Guinness Book of Records, having received the nickname “Monsieur Eat It All” for eating the Cessna-150 plane. How did he do it? Yes, very simple. He only ate parts of the aircraft for two years, consuming about one kilogram per day.

“King of torture” Tim Cridland

If Tim Cridland is taken the prisoner, you surely will not frighten him with torture. A man easily pierces his body with sharp objects, suffers any heat and cold. For several years now, Cridland has toured the USA and has demonstrated his frightening abilities.

According to scientific research, Tim has a much higher pain threshold than the average person. But for the rest, he is no different from ordinary people, so when he pierces the body with long knitting needles, then, like all mere mortals, he receives common injuries, and the chances of death after injuries are no less. So before becoming an artist and publicly injuring himself, Cridland studied anatomy for a long time.

Writing calligraphic eye channels.

Henan Zhu Antin Zhu Antin, a resident of the Chinese province of Henan, became very popular due to his unusual ability to write calligraphically not with brushes, like all artists, but with his own eyes (!). A man collects water through his nose and then releases streams through tear ducts. Antin knows how to “shoot” streams of water at a distance of up to three meters and carefully draw the outlines of hieroglyphs with them.

Magnet Man Liv Tou Lin

At 70, Liv Tou Lin managed to drag a car with an iron chain attached to an iron plate on his stomach. A man can easily attach any metal object to his body, and he will not fall. Even if on a heavy iron, as if glued to his body, put on top a few bricks. The ability to attract metal objects, he considers hereditary, as his sons and grandchildren have the same gift.

Pulling eyes from the orbits of Claudio Pinto

The Brazilian Claudio Pinto from the city of Belo Horizonte is known more like a man with bulging eyes. It is capable of goggling eyes at four centimeters, that is, at 95% of the eye orbits. Doctors say they have never seen a man who can do this. And Pinto himself is glad that he has such an unusual feature.

“It’s a pretty easy way to make money. I can stare at four centimeters – this is a gift from God, so I feel happy, ”admitted Claudio


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