How was the Championship of Kazakhstan in parachuting.


The final part of the jump from a height of 1200 meters

In Almaty, the results of the 27th open championship of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan in classical parachuting were summed up.
The competition was attended by 19 teams, which included both military and civilian parachutists. Unfortunately, with the rather high popularity of this sport in our country for many, it remains inaccessible due to the high cost of equipment and aviation support.

Bell UH-1 can take on board 10 skydivers / Photos
The open championships of Kazakhstan in classic skydiving are held in our country every year. They are organized by the Ministry of Defense, a division of which is the Parachute Training Center of the Air Defense Forces (SVO).

The machine is provided by the command of the Pervomaisk aviation base / Photo

Rise with a parachute team on board / Fort
The peculiarity of such competitions is that both military and civilian athletes can take part in them on equal terms. The Ministry of Defense actively cooperates with the public association “Otan,” a kind of analog of the Soviet DOSAAF. The parachutist competition is served by professional judges from the Kazakhstan Federation of Aviation Sports.

One of the judges of the championship is watching the performance of the jump / Photo
The 27th classic skydiving championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held at the field airfield “Bayserke,” which is located on the north-eastern outskirts of Almaty. Aviation support of the competition was carried out by the pilots of the army military transport aircraft from the Pervomayskaya airbase. The athletes were provided with a Bell UH-1 helicopter.

Jump from a height of 1,200 meters to the accuracy of landing / Photo

Nineteen teams took part in the competition – 17 men and two women. In total, there are 61 athletes – 57 men and four women. Also at the championship arrived young people who played the tournament in the youth championship.

The civil sector was represented by the team of the Kazakhstan Aviation Sports Federation of Almaty, a similar organization from Karaganda, the organization of the Karaganda region, as well as the aviation and rescue parachute center of Karaganda. Athletes from the Almaty Otan Aero Club, athletes from the East Kazakhstan region and one athlete from the Astana Parachuting Federation were present. Another athlete was sent to a junior sports school in aviation sports from Uralsk.

The athlete needs to get to the zero points of an electronic target with a radius of 16 centimeters / Photo
The participants of the competition performed individual, and group jumps from a height of 900 and 1,200 meters for landing accuracy with a personal and team standings, acrobatic jumps from an altitude of 2,200 meters with a complex of figures performed in free fall.

Anna Kristina, international judge, master of sports / Photos
“You need to get into a disk with a radius of 16 centimeters, more precisely, to the zero points in the center of this circle,” says the judge of the Championship, Anna Kristina. – The discreteness of this circle is 1 cm. That is, a different result is recorded through every centimeter from the center. The jump is carried out from a height of 1,200 meters. Calculating the direction and speed of the wind is necessary. You also need to take a position in space, so as not to interfere with other athletes from your team. It is necessary to approach the target upwind, to choose a glide path depending on the strength of the wind.

Ascent and descent last about 20 minutes / Photo

According to the most experienced athlete, to learn how to hit the target, you must have a fairly large number of jumps, at least 150. On average, experienced skydivers are those who have about 500 jumps.

– The second part of the competition – individual acrobatics. The jump is made from a height of 2,200 meters; the judge continues the story. – It is necessary to separate, get together and in a certain sequence, prescribed by drawing lots, to make a complex of acrobatic figures. These are “right helix,” “left helix,” left and right somersaults. In a complex of 6 figures. Evaluation goes on time.

p>Jump female athlete female team / Photos

– Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Armed Forces, we hold annually. We have a parallel test. Unfortunately, there are no other competitions in Kazakhstan. Sometimes some games take place in Uralsk, sometimes in Shymkent. We are preparing for international tournaments that take place in Asia or Europe. The last time we were at the Asian Championships and the military world championships in 2013, Anna Korostina complained.

The national team of Kazakhstan quite often brought gold medals from various international competitions. Over the 20 years of its existence, athletes won 450 medals, including 93 gold medals. The team has repeatedly become the champion of Asia and

Oceania in various

disciplines of parachuting. The coaching team trained 25 international-class masters of sports.

– If we talk about the World Cup, then Russia has a solid team. China is now becoming a leader. Belarusians, French, Germans, Slovaks. In Asia, we are China, South Korea. More than 35 teams participate in the world championships. In the Asian Championships, there are usually 15-16 teams. This is Bahrain, Qatar, the Emirates, the Philippines, ”said Anna Korostina.

– Now the team is being updated, – the story continues, Lieutenant Colonel Leonid Dudkin. – Athletes who have reached the age limit for military service, leave. We attract young athletes. Among civilians, there are also enough trained athletes. Unfortunately, skydiving is not available for everyone. There has always been stable funding, technical and organizational support in the Armed Forces. Also, our people are still engaged in combat training, during which first jumps are performed. The level is much higher than that of civilian colleagues.
In civilian organizations, you have to pay money to prepare for the competition. Athletes at their own expense acquire expensive equipment, parachutes, are forced to pay for aviation support.
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The results of the 27th championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the classic parachuting
According to the sum of points scored in exercises No. 1 “Individual jumps for landing accuracy” and No. 2 “Individual jumps with performing a complex of acrobatic figures,” Vyacheslav Lee, a parachute training center official, won the title of champion of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The second place in the biathlon is the center’s serviceman, junior sergeant Denis Islamov.
Third place in the biathlon – center employee Yuri Sabad, master of sports of international class.

In the championship of the Armed Forces – Alexander Vlasenko, athlete of the Federation of Aviation Sports of the East Kazakhstan Region, master of sports.
In group jumps for landing accuracy, the winner of both championships was the team of the Parachute Training Center consisting of Major Azamat Abdraimov, Junior Sergeant Denis Islamov and employee Vyacheslav Lee.

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