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Our team with a team of experts from the Boston Institute began a fascinating study. Scientists have tried to figure out which sports equipment in the conditions of home training will bring the most significant result.

Attention focused on dumbbells for several reasons.
Compact dumbbells – dumbbells can be transported even in the luggage of the aircraft.
Cheap dumbbells – agree, not many sports tools can be bought in the range of $ 100
A tremendous amount of exercise on any muscle groups.


With the help of simple dumbbells, you can “load” and make it work if not all, then indeed a vast number of muscles. It is difficult to list all the exercises that can be performed using such sports equipment.

Dumbbells are very comfortable because they can be used both in the gym and at home. This explains their high popularity among fans of home workouts.

Today in the market of sporting goods you can find a variety of options for shells. An outstanding opportunity that significantly affects the price of products is the ability to adjust the weight. Collapsible dumbbells are much more expensive than simple ones.

Due to this, regardless of gender or age, absolutely everyone can train with them.

Dumbbells are a very convenient and useful tool for developing muscle mass, losing weight and maintaining your health. How to train with dumbbells? How to use all the enormous potential of this beautiful sports equipment?

Training with dumbbells is excellent for both men and women, teenagers, young men, people of mature and old age. This universality of dumbbells is connected with the fact that any exercise with dumbbells is always performed along a physiologically natural trajectory since dumbbells are not combined and the hands act independently. The barbell bar in this respect is much inferior to dumbbells.

Dumbbells are a small gym at home. Occupying quite a bit of space, dumbbells replace the whole fitness room. A variety of exercises performed with the help of dumbbells, allows you to develop or maintain in tone any muscle of the body. There are several thousand exercises with dumbbells. To bring yourself in good shape may well be enough for ten or twenty of them.

Exercising 3-4 times a week for 30-60 minutes, you can unexpectedly become a very athletic, healthy, disciplined person with a beautiful figure. And you need very little for this: devote the necessary time to classes. Visiting beauty salons, cosmetics, perfumes, and even morning exercises are indeed very important for an attractive appearance, but unfortunately, they do not affect the elasticity of your buttocks, your posture or the state of your waist.

In this article we try to answer for the next questions:

  1. How to use dumbbells
  2. How many kilos are the dumbbells you lift
  3. Where to buy dumbbells
  4. Why are dumbbells so expensive

1. How to use dumbbells and how to lift dumbbells

Few exercises for training with dumbbells

1.1 For leg muscles

Pay attention to the correct position of the back. Here is the preparation for how to do squats with dumbbells! An excellent necessary exercise is a classic squat. There is no doubt about their benefits, neither among bodybuilders nor powerlifters. Classic squats are performed as follows:
Put your legs shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Taking dumbbells in hand, begin to slowly squat.
On the inhale, you need to sit down to the parallel to the floor, and on the exhale, you must return to the starting position.
Crouching below 90 degrees to the floor, you can additionally load the gluteal muscles.

The number of approaches – from 3 to 5. The number of repetitions – from 10 to 15. Build yourself a strong and broad back! Find out the most effective exercises for your back that you can do at home. Want strong and massive arms? Here you will find material on how to pump the triceps pushups.

1.2 Lunges

To should pick up the dumbbells and straighten them down. Left leg to push forward. The right straight leg is laid back, the knee is on the weight, with the toe we are resting on the floor. We carry out attacks forward on the left knee. Then, change the stand and repeat the exercise for the right leg. Do not forget to keep balance; keep your back straight.

Legs cannot be crossed because it threatens to lose balance and fall to the floor, which promises injuries. The number of repetitions is kept at the level of 10-15, approaches – 3-5. Work on the calf muscles
The exercise is performed standing; legs should be shoulder-width apart. Dumbbell arms down along the body. Rise on your toes, and stay in this position for 5-10 seconds. Then, slowly return to the starting position. The number of approaches – from 3 to 5. The number of movements – from 10 to 15.

1.3 Develop hands

When performing repetitions, the elbow should remain in place.
“Hammer” Exercise is performed while standing; feet set shoulder-width apart. In the initial position, the arms should be lowered down. Open your palms to yourself.

As you exhale or hold your breath, bend your elbow and lift the dumbbell with your right hand to your shoulder. When inhaling, lower your arm to the starting position. Next, do the same thing, but with your left side.

In performing this exercise, the body and elbows should be fixed. Even having made only 10-15 repetitions, you can fully experience the work of your biceps. Hammer must be performed at a slow pace.

The number of approaches – 3-5. The number of squats is 8-12.

2. How many kilos are the dumbbells you lift?

There are no universal tables, and it is impossible to pick up the weight of dumbbells per kilogram of the body (in fact, there is, but their effectiveness and safety are questionable). The basic rule, which is used in the gym more experienced athletes, this orientation to the point of failure. In another way, this point is called “muscular failure,” that is, the maximum weight is the one with which it is already difficult, but you can do 2-3 repetitions.

However, it is difficult for a beginner to understand where the point of failure is and what is “hard” or “impossible.” Besides, a different weight should fall not only on various exercises but also on different sets (approaches for several repetitions). In other words, it is necessary to select the number of pancakes on the barbell or dumbbell, taking into account these parameters of training.

It is better to record all the calculations (for example, to make the training schedule in the phone), since the weight is chosen only experimentally, and at once all the numbers are complicated to remember. Spend on this one workout, and then you will immediately hang the desired weight on the neck, plus it will provide an opportunity to observe your progress.

Note that the choice of the weight of dumbbells, barbells or any other burden should relate to the exact number of repetitions. That is if you train your biceps with 5 kg dumbbells and do the exercise 12 times in one set, write down these numbers. How to know that 5 kg will be enough for such a collection? If the hand “falls off” already on the 6th repetition, it means that the weight should be reduced, and if by the 10th time you are already tired, but you can put on a couple more (but not more), then this is your weight specifically for this exercise, this set, and this hand.

3. Where to buy dumbbells

We will open our dumbbells review with a lot of category in the close future. For this moment the best choice – buy dumbbells on Amazon. They were coming fast and there a lot of dumbbells for all weight and categories

4. Why are dumbbells so expensive

What is quality? First of all, framing pancakes. Metal pancakes are dangerous because they can damage the floor. It is necessary that they were mounted by rubber. Then when falling, or when they are laid on the floor, they will not scratch and damage the surface.

Well, the neck – it must be metal. Now there is cheap plastic, but I would not recommend buying them. Can you imagine what would happen if, at the moment of high voltage, such a neck will be taken and merely burst? It will be unfortunate.

Therefore, we must give preference to metal vultures.

So you get a reasonable expensive price. And the conclusion is that you need to buy costly collapsible dumbbells. There is no other way to save a lot of money.

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